The Amazing Atom – Ludum Dare


This is the official page for Hashtag Nerd’s entry into Ludum Dare. The theme for this Ludum Dare was “Tiny World” so we played of that theme with effecting your world on the smallest level being atoms. You hold a gun that effects certain objects in order to excite or decay their atoms. This causes said item to gain or lose in weight which you will need to solve puzzles.

Windows 32bit

Windows 64bit


Ludum Dare Page:

Brief Postmortem –

Justin here, Programmer for Ludum Dare 2012’s “The Amazing Atom”. I would like to thank Phil for absolutely kicking ass on making the models and textures for this game. I would also like to thank the Cleveland Game Developers group for holding the kick-off event to Ludum Dare.

All said and done. I could not be prouder of this game. Just a few short months ago I was introduced to Unity3D and in a true testament to the genius of that program, I was able to learn and develop this working game in under 48 hours. The biggest hurdle for me during this game was to digest and manipulate raycasts which preforms most of the functionality of this game. Two of the most notable bugs in this game is that it must be played in full screen because of the odd behaviors I encountered with my “pick up objects” script which allows the player to pickup and move the blocks to complete puzzles. The other notable bug is the force in which the blocks fall after the player releases them. They tend to be erratic and very powerful, sometimes causing the blocks to become projectiles rather then tools. I also wish I had more time to develops the puzzles in level two but with the 48 hours looming I had no choice but to make them simple. Again though, I cannot exclaim how proud I am of this game that we made in just under 48 hours.

Phil’s Post-Mortem:

Hello! So as Justin stated we could not be more proud of what we created in 48 hours. At the beginning of this year Game Development was a foreign idea to me. I had fumbled around 3d modeling in college and ran through some tutorials in blender, but as for putting anything together and texturing it for games I was clueless. So when we churned out this Half Life One esk looking game in a little under 48 hour I was blown away! That being said I did run into some problems. I saw myself not knowing how to correctly uv unwrap some more complex models and then spending to much time in Photoshop due to my lack of graphic design knowledge. I think next time I will be able to put together a lot more models in less time.  Over all had an amazing time in our first Ludum Dare.

I hope you enjoy it and tell us what you think


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